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Stop DV Class’s Domestic Violence Classes are used by students throughout the U.S. This course can be taken at home or from any location with access to the internet including on your phone or computer. With your mobile phone, that can literally be anywhere.

The DV program is commonly taken for court or child protective service requirements, but it can also be taken for self-improvement. Do not let your behavior and attitude lead you to lose another relationship. There is a way to end violence and abuse. Now you can learn how. At the end of the class, a certificate of completion is awarded.

Blue Mountain Education has been offering our online classes for over a decade. The topics we cover in our classes regarding intimate partner violence are kept current and interesting by staying on top of the latest domestic abuse trends. Did you know?

  • It is rare for battering or DV to be an isolated incident.
  • It is more common for domestic assaults to increase over time than to decrease.
  • Almost half of battered women are assaulted during pregnancy.
  • Domestic violence cannot be ended by separation alone.
  • The number of women who have been raped by intimate partners is close to 8 million.

Our classes have been designed by experts in the fields of domestic violence and in online education. The materials are geared for an online study experience. In order to ensure a fast and easy learning experience, we utilize the latest online web technologies.

Online Domestic Volence Classes for Court

Domestic violence classes have been used by courts and judges throughout the country as an alternative to jail time and other punishments. Typically DV classes are used when a person has been arrested for domestic violence or domestic abuse. The state saves money by not having to imprison the person and they are able to continue to work or go to school without having to be incarcerated. The length of the class is up to the judge and can be anywhere from 8 to 52 total hours (or sessions) of domestic violence or batterers intervention.

When you take a class from Stop DV Class, we track your progress as you take the class and when you're finished, we will send you an official completion certificate. This certificate can be shown to the judge or court to show that you've fulfilled your requirement.

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Hidden Signs of Abuse

Different Effects of Domestic Violence

Skills of Emotional Intelligence

Increase Self-Awareness

Domestic Abuse: The Main 10 Causes

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