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When trying to satisfy a domestic violence or batterers intervention program (BIPP), one of the most reliable source of integrity is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). With decades of experience, the BBB has awarded stopdvclass.com an A+ rating! There is no better honor.

Court Accepted

StopDVclass.com’s classes have been designed designed by a team of professionals. Our courses and first-class customer service have been recognized by the BBB and we have been awarded an A+ ratings. Court approval, along with award-winning-caliber customer service combine to make this a top-rated BBB company.

Why our BBB A+ Rating is Important

  • Reputation: A domestic violence class with a good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is likely to have a good reputation in the community. This means that they have a history of providing quality services and resolving any complaints in a professional manner. By choosing a class with a good BBB rating, you can be sure that you are receiving services from a reputable and trustworthy organization.
  • Professionalism: The BBB is a non-profit organization that evaluates and accredits businesses based on their adherence to ethical business practices. A DV class with a good BBB rating is more likely to have trained and professional staff who adhere to high standards in their work. This is important in the case of domestic violence classes, as the staff needs to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide support and resources to those who have experienced domestic violence.
  • Quality of Services: A class with a good BBB rating is likely to offer quality services and resources. The BBB evaluates businesses based on factors such as their customer service, responsiveness, and resolution of complaints. By choosing a class with a good BBB rating, you can be sure that you will receive quality services that meet your needs and help you address the effects of domestic violence in your life. Furthermore, the BBB can help you find a class that offers the specific resources and services you are looking for.

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  • A+ rated by the BBB
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