Family Violence Intervention Program

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Stop DV Class's Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) has two primary goals: prioritize victim safety, and hold offenders accountable for their actions. Courts typically assign people to these programs when issuing a protective order, revoking a defendant’s probation or anytime they are sentencing someone with family violence. They can also be attorney-recommended.

Our FVIP course curriculum addresses the effects of anger on the mind and body and how that translates to potential violence. This interactive course helps students recognize patterns in their own behavior and provide strategies to effectively deal with issues without resorting to violence.

With the recent surge in domestic violence prosecutors and courts are turning to educational classes like family violence intervention programs. These programs are designed to educate students and help them re-establish healthy responses to life’s stresses.

Available Classes

Class Price
36 Hour Family Violence Intervention Program (24 week equivalent) $449 Register Now
36 Hour Spanish Family Violence Intervention Program (24 week equivalent) $449 Register Now

Convenient and Flexible

One of the primary reasons to choose Stop DV Class to satisfy your FVIP requirement is convenience. This online program is accessible 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Our online program is completely self-paced, making it the most convenient way to satisfy a Family Violence Intervention Program requirement.

This program can be taken from any Internet-ready device: desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone. Our system monitors your progress, so even if you start on your desktop, you will pick up on the same page if you log back in on your cell phone!

Thorough, Interactive Curriculum

Our class has been developed by a core of professionals with more than 50 years of teaching experience. The class combines reading, with colorful graphs, diagrams, cartoons and videos to make this a fully-interactive experience. This is crucial for FVIP programs specifically, where student interaction and reflection are part of the learning experience.

Upon completing the Family Violence Intervention Program, you will be sent (at no extra charge) a certificate showing completion. Your certificate is sent via first class mail and a free downloable certificate is available upon request.

Guarantee From a Company You Can Trust

We have been offering online classes for more than a 15 years. When you sign up that our FVIP class comes with our money-back guarantee. Given that we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can trust us to deliver.

Please note that the acceptance of our FVIP for your requirements is solely your responsibility. Since we offer the program on an individual basis, it is important that your court is aware that the program will be completed in this format. This distance-learning program is intended for educational purposes only and some courts may not recognize online programs. While we provide a money-back guarantee, we strongly advise you to confirm with your court or legal organization regarding the acceptability of this course.

Family Violence Intervention Program Reviews

This class really made me look at my behavior in a new way. I learned so much about anger, domestic violence and myself taking this program. I recommend it to anyone who has ever had issues with anger and violence with their family.

– Ezekiel M

I was stunned when the judge ordered both me and my husband to take a “Family Violence Intervention Program.” I mean, he was the one being violent. I wondered why I had to take one too. I am so glad I did. This class really made me think about the way I treat not only my husband, but everyone.

– Doris G

Finding this class online was a true blessing. I was so embarrassed that I had to take a FVIP. I certainly did not want to deal with other people while going through the program. Online was the perfect setting. I was able to focus on myself honestly without the added pressure of a classroom. Thank you again!

– Guillermo T

Family Violence Intervention Program

  • 24 week equivalent class (36 hours)
  • 100% online class
  • Available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Nothing to Download
  • Free dompletion certificate
  • 24 Hour customer support
  • Free online proof of enrollment
  • Free online progress reports
  • Instant access
  • Written and developed by professionals
  • 100% guaranteed
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